Non la Pace, Ma La Libertà - Part 3 - You Might Disagree


If you haven’t read parts 1 & 2 you should do that first Here (part 1) and Here (part 2)

If you don’t want to do that, I’ll catch you up quickly. We’re talking about these words Non la Pace, Ma La Libertà (Not Peace, But Freedom). In The first Post We Discussed The Tension Between Peace And Freedom. That Peace Is A Good Thing But It Can Mislead Us If We Prioritize It Too Highly. And That We’re Required To Lay Down Our Peace In Order To Experience Greater Freedom. In the last post we suggested that if you have peace about a decision that means you could dream a little bigger, dream a little more radical. and that Nothing worth pursuing comes easy. That, Maybe, we should still use peace as a Barometer, but in the opposite way. where having peace means it’s too easy.

You Might Disagree

If you hate what i’m saying, that’s ok. It might not be for you. This isn’t for most people. It’s only for some. Here are some of the people it might be for.

-Adrenaline junkies, business owners, adventure seekers, parents of Toddlers, Mountain climbers, public speakers, and followers of Jesus…

The original reason I got those words tattooed on my body was because they summed up my relationship with Jesus. If you were to draw a line Representing my (or anyone’s) life after following jesus it would be Inclined, but not Consistently. It would look like a graph of the stock market. Lots of ups and downs when you look at chunks, but zoom out and it’s all pretty subtle. It just looks like an incline with a few bumps here and there.

When you become a Christian you realize that you’ve not been free. You’ve been in bondage from a fallen world through hundreds of different ways. And what Jesus promises for your life isn’t that things will be easier, but that you can be free.

I have another tattoo that I got at the same time as Non La Pace, Ma La Libertà and they’re not next to Each other so people don’t assume they’re related, but they are. It’s a sailboat on the raging sea. Sailboats are safe in the harbor, but it’s not where they’re meant to be. Sailboats belong in the ocean. When you put a sailboat in the ocean you’re not Guaranteed peace. It’s going to get rocky. You’re giving up your peace, But there’s freedom. And in the conversations that we have inside our heads we need to decide if we’re willing to get out of the harbor.

Why Apparel?

Now you might be wondering why I decided to put my tattoo on apparel. That seems arrogant. Do I think it’s so cool that Other people will wear it? No, and I don’t see it as mine. It’s something that I gravitated towards and it’s pulled other people in as well. We’re Constantly surrounded by reminders that people are looking for more peace, more peace and more peace to direct their lives. And I think we should see things Differently. I don’t think we should seek out peace and Comfort. I think we’re built to experience freedom first. Peace might come, but the peace that the Bible talks about isn’t a superficial peace, it’s a confidence peace. A peace that says even when you don’t feel it, He’s there. You might not FEEL at peace all the time. But it doesn’t mean that the prince of peace isn’t in and around you. And that’s why it’s dangerous to seek out peace. Because we’re usually not seeking real peace, it’s a Superficial comfort that makes us feel better and that’s a really dangerous place to be. And if that’s something you agree with then I would encourage you to make that promise to yourself. Write it on your hand, in your wallet, on your mirror. Get it tattooed, or buy something from our store that will help remind you. It’s not for everyone. but if it’s for you, Then we invite you to join us.

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