Non la Pace, Ma La Libertà - Part 2 - A New Take On Peace?


If you haven’t read part one yet, you should go back and start with that, here.

In the previous post we discussed the tension between peace and freedom. That peace is a good thing but it can mislead us if we prioritize it too highly. And That we’re required to lay down our peace in order to experience greater freedom.

In this post I want to give you a new take on peace. When to rely on it and how to measure big decisions by it. I previously referenced peace as a swimming life jacket and that’s a really good image for what we’re describing.

When you learn how to swim you need to take off the life jacket. But This is a stressful thing for a little kid to do. The life jacket physically represents peace and security to a child. They don’t have peace about taking it off because they are afraid of drowning. And rightfully so.

But once you learn how to swim you being to get that feeling of peace back. You realize that you can do something hard when you lay down your peace to try. But laying down your peace was only temporary, because after swimming for dozens and dozens of times it stopped scaring you to swim without a life jacket. And you can always put the life jacket back on. The life jacket market is not cornered only by people who don’t know how to swim. Plenty of really good swimmers use life jackets because they make things easier, there’s an extra sense of peace and security.

At a friends cabin they have a lake that’s very long and narrow. From a map it looks like a thick river. It’s probably 3 miles long and 2/5 of a mile wide. We stay on the long side and directly across from us is the other shore line about a 2/5 of a mile away. Every year it’s tradition that everyone swims across. But 2/5 of a mile (and back) is a long way for any average person to swim. So lot’s of people wear life jackets. It doesn’t make a hard thing easy, but it makes it a little easier and that’s how I think we should use peace.

Easy Is Taken

All the easy stuff has been done already. Because if it’s easy, everyone will do it. If you don’t have to sacrifice your peace, and it will benefit you in any way. Then it’s easy. But easy is also relative. I’m 27 years old. I’ve been swimming for over 2 decades. If my mom were to see me swim and I waved my arms joyfully and shouted “Look Mom, I’m swimming!” she wouldn’t be impressed. She’d be embarrassed. Because swimming is easy for me, now. I said in the Previous post that the message we send is that if you have peace, the decision is right and if you don’t have peace, the decision is wrong. And I think we’ve proven that’s a surefire way to never Try anything new.

A Radical New Take

Is you have peace about a big Decision, maybe, just maybe, it’s not that big? relative to you. I had plenty of peace about getting married. My wife is Significantly out of my League in Intelligence, humility, generosity, and looks. It was an easy decision. I’m not saying that’s wrong because I had peace. That’s the kind of decision you want to have peace about. But I had zero peace when I quit my job to take THE/RISE full-time. I knew it was what THE/RISE needed and I knew I felt Called to it. But it didn’t make it easy. If I had peace about Quitting my job I would have been because I was disillusioned by the hope of freedom or I should have done it sooner…

Maybe if you have peace about a decision that means you could dream a little bigger, like a life jacket. dream a little more radical. Swim a little further, maybe across the whole lake. Nothing worth pursuing comes easy. Most times we lay down our peace it’s only temporary While we adjust to our new Circumstance. Maybe we should still use peace as a Barometer, but in the Opposite way. If I have peace about running a half marathon, maybe I should run a full. If I have peace about starting a new business, maybe I should dream bigger. If I have peace about moving to a new place, maybe I should have done it sooner. If I have peace about something, I have extra security, so maybe use that extra security to lean in harder to what i’m being called to.

It’s impossible to Experience new freedom without laying down your peace once in a while. So if you Haven’t laid down your peace recently, where have you grown recently?

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