I should be working on issue three right now. Or trying to get the word out on subscriptions. But something Else is on my mind.

I'm worried that we've watered-down the image of being remarkable. Being remarkable is something most people would appreciate being labeled. Remarkable simply means, worth making a remark about. 

When we think about being remarkable our mind goes to intelligence, achievement, or success.

You can be a remarkable business person. You can be a remarkable student or a remarkable athlete. but if you're not great at any of those things being remarkable probably isn't something you think about.

Truthfully, I think being remarkable in those categories isn't very difficult. I know that's blunt, but it just doesn't impress me. And at the end of it all, it won't impress you either.

On your deathbed, you'll tell one last story. The story of your heart. Nothing else really matters at that point. How successful you were. How many records you broke. It might matter to someone else who's still chasing that goal. But it's not going to matter to you.

I once worked for a company that had a remarkable leader. I hear he was a talented athlete in his younger years. And he certainly had the business acumen to gain his employees' admiration. But that isn't what made him remarkable.

He was remarkable in far better ways:

  • He was remarkably kind to people who could give him nothing.
  • He was remarkably generous when no one was looking.
  • And He was remarkably humble when he didn't need to be.

That's what people noticed in him. That's what I noticed in him.


I think we all have a capacity to be a little more remarkable.

And I think the world needs a few more remarkable people.



Maxx Raths2 Comments