In movies, in books, and in life a lot of great stories are really sad. It's an uncomfortable truth. In fact, even what makes positive stories great seems to be the presence of some sort of conflict in the beginning or middle of the story. When we're living our stories, most things seem independent, but once we look back we begin to see interwoven experiences that are much more purposeful. We believe that you have a great story. It's not great because good or bad things happened to you. It's great because you were created intentionally and everything you've experienced has shaped you differently than anyone else on the planet. So it's important that we know our story, that we've adequately examined it, given parts to God to redeem and other parts to share. Because your story isn't over, maybe until now you've just been living your story. We want to encourage you to be a story maker. Sometimes the most insignificant parts of life have been saturated by God's purpose and we never knew it. What does reconciliation in my story mean? Why does my story matter? What is story making? These are just some of the questions we're going to look at and we invite you to join the conversation!

Maxx Raths