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SUMMARY: Antifragility is the theory that there are some organisms, groups of people, and ideas that operate better under more stress. If we took away all stress from our environment our bodies would soften and even deteriorate more quickly. Most of us were taught to not be fragile, so we thought we had to be robust. We didn't want to break under trials, so instead, we tried to be unaffected by trials. But we're not fragile or robust. Trials do affect us. So, while we were trying to be robust and remain unaffected by trails, we were slowly being chipped away at. Weakened from the inside out because we were trying to be the wrong kind of strong.

Being robust doesn't cause us to reconcile with anything. If we're robust, once we've survived the storm we just move forward and don't think the past affects us. What if everyone, instead, tried to be antifragile? When something happens, you don't push away any feelings, but instead, you own them and examine how you can move on and grow.

Being antifragile requires us to be vulnerable. To look back and examine things that have hurt us and put them under the light.

What are your thoughts? Do you think humans are antifragile? Do you think the church is antifragile? How does understanding antifragility impact your perspective on life?

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