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It's easy to find identity in anything we do. But our identity needs to be bigger than just what we do. 


Know Your STORY

When we're living our stories, most things seem independent, but once we look back we begin to see interwoven experiences that are much more purposeful. 



Purpose isn't singular. You may have a dominant purpose you feel called to, but we all have the opportunity to live purposefully in everything we do.


THE/RISE Magazine No. 01

The Untold Chronicles Of Story Makers


THE/RISE Magazine No. 01

Get the first volume of the greatest stories never told! 56 pages of true stories from missionaries, bloggers, small business owners and everyday people with extraordinary perspective. 

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Life is too precious to live Without Purpose


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We're looking for bold perspective. People who find meaning in simple daily experiences. People's every day life is packed with conversations and encounters that crave meaning. Your experiences and perspectives can bestow that meaning, if you would only share them. 

Head over to the Submit a Story page to share your story. Download the contributor guide to learn what THE/RISE is all about and have the best chance of being featured in the next issue.